In voting against the unworkable Rwanda policy, I firmly align with Labour's position to end the chaotic and costly approach taken by the Conservatives.

This failing scheme has already burdened British taxpayers with a staggering £300 million, with more promised, despite not a single asylum seeker being sent to Rwanda!

The Tories' Rwanda policy is marred by absurdities. More Home Secretaries have visited Rwanda than asylum seekers sent there!

The scheme's capacity caters to less than one per cent of those arriving in the UK, rendering it exorbitantly expensive. Even the Home Office Permanent Secretary has conceded that there is no evidence it will deter asylum seekers.

Former Conservative Home Secretary and Immigration Minister have criticised Rishi Sunak's plan as unworkable, with the UK Government actually having promised in exchange to take in Rwandan refugees.

It's evident that the Tories prioritise gimmicks over practical solutions.

Furthermore, the revelation of secret payments totalling an extra £150 million, hidden from the public, means that nearly £300 million of taxpayers' money has been squandered on a scheme that hasn't resettled a single asylum seeker in Rwanda.

Rather than wasting taxpayer money on such deplorable distractions, Labour's plan focuses on cracking down on criminal smuggler gangs at source, working constructively with our European neighbours to tackle illegal immigration and actually addressing urgent concerns facing our nation like ending homelessness.