Slough’s MP has reiterated calls for steps towards a “permanent” ceasefire in the ongoing Gaza conflict.

Speaking before the House of Commons, Labour’s Tan Dhesi asked foreign office minister Andrew Mitchell what work the UK government is doing to enable an end to the violence.

He said: “The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is grave, with women and children sadly comprising the majority of civilian casualties.

“Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu must understand that he cannot attain lasting peace and security by razing Gaza to the ground, which must be condemned.

“We do not just need an immediate cessation of fighting or a temporary week-long ceasefire like the one we had recently; we need negotiations to enable an enduring and permanent ceasefire.

“What are the UK Government doing to work with our international allies to enable just that?”

Mr Dhesi is among the growing number of voices calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Hamas, which is recognised as a terrorist group in the UK, launched an attack into Israel from Gaza on October 7, in which hundreds of Israeli civilians were killed. More than 200 Israelis were also taken hostage.

Israel responded with air strikes and the ongoing ground operations in the Gaza Strip – a small area of land between Israel and Egypt.

In response to Mr Dhesi, the minister said: “The negotiations and discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu are widespread.

“The honourable member will know that there have been regular discussions between our Prime Minister and Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the Foreign Secretary has been a part of them as well. Indeed, I think Sir Tony Blair will also see Prime Minister Netanyahu shortly.

“So the honourable member can rest assured that the urgency of the situation is being well ventilated by senior British politicians.”