With festive menus popping up in restaurants across the area, most have one thing in common - Roast Turkey.

However, not everyone is a fan of the traditional bird and others may wish for a change to the traditional Christmas menu.

Franco Manca offers just that with a new seasonal three-course set menu for just £22.50!

We popped down to try it out having heard fantastic things about their pizza.

Taking a seat in the Windsor restaurant the space is laid out fantastically with little nooks and crannies to sit in, some tables even get a prime spot to watch the chefs in action.

The first thing I noticed about Franco Manca was that it isn’t your ordinary pizza restaurant, with creative toppings donning the menu instead of the regular pepperoni and farmhouse.

I was surprised to see the likes or roast potatoes and smoked salmon being put on pizzas - not in the same dish mind you.

I ordered the cheese fondue to start with and it was truly a cheese lovers dream.

With two pieces of sourdough and a dish full of melted Taleggio D.O.P., Colston Bassett Stilton & Franco’s grana, I ate up every last bit.

My dining partner opted for a chicken starter which came with a refreshing tomato sauce.

Having had a taste of the sourdough, I was keen to see what the pizza would be like.

I ordered the slow cooker beef ragu pizza, which was delicious and came with a drizzle of cheese sauce.

I added a garlic dip to my order, knowing it would be ideal to dip my crusts in. 

While the pizza was a tad soggy at times, I thoroughly enjoyed it and had the envy of my dining partner who had opted for the halloumi, roast potato and pesto pizza.

They said the pizza was a bold combination of ingredients that managed to go together.

With just enough room for pudding we decided to try the Tartufo Classico from the Christmas menu and the creamy texture was a brilliant end to our meal.

We washed our meal down with a glass of lemonade, made fresh in-house each day.

Throughout the night our host Mark was a pleasure and was clearly very knowledgeable about the food and brand.

I was thoroughly impressed by the pricing of Franco Manca, with pizzas ranging from £6.50 to £11.75 - making it a cheaper alternative to other big-brand pizza restaurants.

Overall I would definitely recommend Franco Manca and will be returning to try more of their delicious pizza.