Flocks of mysterious exotic birds that have been making there way through Berkshire have now also been spotted in Slough.

Many first noticed the green ring-necked parakeets in gardens around Reading, with a number of residents of Woodley sharing pictures to social media of the unlikely feathered friends.

After news of the sightings broke out, dozens of other residents of the town also shared their experiences and photographs of the birds.

Since then, readers from Slough have also shared news of the exotic birds who have been frequently visiting their gardens and feeders.

Photos that were sent in from AK Phoenix depict various numbers of the birds hanging out in trees.

One such picture shows the green ring-necked parakeet on top of a large fur tree looking out over the surrounding views.

Another one shows a considerable amount of the feathered friends together in one of the same large trees, pecking at the branches.