A series of reports have been made about traffic lights not working, along with street lights and crossing lights since 2024 began - according to FixMyStreet.

The problem-reporting software FixMyStreet acts as a bridge between residents and local authorities, providing a platform to report issues such as potholes, flooding and flytipping.

Last week Storm Henk hit Berkshire, bringing with it high winds and wet weather. This has since caused flooding to low-lying areas and those close to river banks.

Just after 9am today (January 10) Slough Borough Council were notified of two broken traffic lights at the M4 roundabout at Langley.

The anonymous reporter said: "Coming off the westbound M4 there are two broken traffic lights at the roundabout.

"On the one on the left corner, the red light does not work and the one opposite in the centre of the roundabout has been knocked down and does not work."

The red light of a traffic light on the M4 roundabout with Tuns Lane was also seen to be out on January 5.

On the Wexham Road, a traffic light was spotted facing the wrong way. The traffic lights' positioning was first reported on December 1, 2023 and remained broken throughout the festive period.

Other issues have been spotted on the A412 outside Sainsbury's.

A Slough Borough Council spokesperson said: “There are in the region of 100+ traffic signals across the borough.

"Faults are reported by the traffic controller units directly to the software so that officers can investigate. 

"The system would be aware of any individual lamps that are out or if a site is completely down and these get reported automatically to the contractor, who will then attend and fix within the agreed SLAs.

"If a fault exists for a longer period of time invariably that would be due to a complication such as a 3rd party involvement, spares not being available or a possible safety issue.

"It is certainly not unusual to have faults but invariably they are dealt with quite promptly.

“Unfortunately, when a traffic light head is out of alignment the system would not be aware and so we then rely on a report from the public or even TVP, with regard to the Wexham Rd and Wellington St junction (TS091) a complete head was replaced on January 9.” 

Traffic light issues have also been reported in Windsor, with the red light seeming to have been out on a light