Two local lads passionate about gaming have launched their own company.

Sem Essessi has been writing computer code since he was just eight years old.

Sem grew up locally, having been educated at Langley Grammar School, he completed his GCSEs and A-levels two years early, by the age of 16. 

He has been programming for games professionally for 15 years now, having worked on AvP 2010, Sniper Elite and Worlds Adrift.

Imkan Hayati has been a Slough resident since age five and went to the Windsor Boys’ School as a teenager. It was during his childhood that he found his passion in video games.

Imkan said: "I have fond memories of the times me and my friends would come to Slough High Street to check out the new video game releases in some of the local stores or go to the cinema."

"My first game-related job was at the 'Electronics Boutique' in Slough, selling rather than making them.

"However, I soon landed a dream job at 'Lionhead Studios' in Guildford, Surrey, where I worked on 'Black & White 2' and 'Fable 2'."

The pair met at 'Codemasters' Guildford and later gained investment to start their own company in 2021. Together they have experience across PC, console and mobile phone games.

"That’s where we are today. Setting up our office in the town that we lived and loved for many years," Imkan said.

Their company, Red Marmoset Studios, is an indie games start-up.

"We have always loved making video games, and it is this passion that has brought us here.

"Our vision is to craft titles that combine exciting and unique action gameplay with stunningly iconic visual styles, to create games that immerse players in a fun and fresh experience."

The studio currently has five team members and is based in Slough.

"We are working on our first title Bad Blood, a first-person shooter set in 1920’s Chicago with a noir art style that makes the game feel like it’s been pulled straight out of a graphic novel," said Imkan.

"We have just finished our demo and have started the process to look for publishers to partner with, to help fund and market the game."

The game studio hopes to see the game released in the first quarter of 2026.