A fundraiser which was launched to help the owner of a car which had been swept away in flood water has "exceeded all expectations".

On Friday, January 5, the main road into Cookham was closed due to the Thames River bursting its banks, flooding the area, including the Cookham Moor National Trust car park and the B4447.

While flood water rose in the area and motorists quickly moved their vehicles on, one car remained in the car park.

Theresa Cox launched a GoFundMe to help the owner of the car with towing fees following the flooding.

She wrote: "Anyone who has been to Cookham today (January 7) will have seen this stranded car and possibly even taken a picture.

"The human behind it is a boat owner who did everything he could for the boating community when the flooding became dangerous.

"By the time he had helped fellow boaters evacuate belongings and pets, the water level was too high for him to save his own car."

On the owner's return to the car, Theresa said it had started to fail from water damage.

"Can we raise enough money to help him cover the cost of a tow, once the water recedes?"

Having started the fundraiser with the hopes of reaching a goal of £100, Theresa said upon closing the GoFundMe on January 14 that it had "exceeded all expectations".

The fundraiser raised £698.

Theresa said: "The total amount donated has exceeded all expectations and we are so very grateful to the generosity of strangers. No further donations are required.

"While we navigate this platform to withdraw and transfer funds and close the account, please do not donate as any further donations will be refunded.

"Thank you again for your kindness. Us humans really are incredible."