Flocks of mysterious exotic birds that have been making their way through Berkshire have recently been spotted in Slough.

Many first noticed the green ring-necked parakeets in gardens around Reading, with a number of residents of Woodley sharing pictures to social media of the unlikely feathered friends.

Since news of the parakeets coming to Slough broke out on social media, hundreds of people have been sharing their experiences of seeing them.

A good deal of Facebook users said that the parakeets have actually been sighted for multiple decades.

One commenter wrote “My mum first pointed these beautiful birds out to me 40 years ago when I was at primary school. There are loads where I am in Slough. Love em!”

Another user wrote “I was going to say they’ve definitely been around Langley for over 20 years.”

In agreement with the previous comment, another person wrote “They come into my garden everyday, they’ve been around years” with a further stating “Mysterious? Been seeing them in slough since I can remember.”

Many other residents chimed in to share their experiences of seeing the exotic birds over the years.

One person wrote “Been seeing them for a long time in slough. They are parakeets. Gorgeous birds but noisy.”

Another one said “They’ve been around for years lovely birds to see” with a further person writing “I came to the area back in ‘85. They were around then and the numbers have increased.”

Some even shared their ideas of how the birds ended up in Slough, quoting a number of outlandish theories.

One person said “I hear so many different stories about how these birds have come about, they are noisy things with their squawking.”

A further commenter wrote “The myth was that these exotic birds were being transported to a zoo on the M25 in a truck, due to an accident they escaped and they have been around ever since.”

In response to the previous statement, another person said “One of many such rumours about them from my childhood, escaped from a zoo in London was another. animal activists set free from Windsor Safari Park is another.”

Others shared the locations of ‘hot spot’ places to see the parakeets.

One said “I see them each year here in Slough. Hot spots include Upton park, Mersean Park, and Cippenham.”

Another person commented “I have hundreds of these come to my garden in West Drayton and they have been around for years.”