While last Friday night's episode didn't end with a nail-biting cliff-hanger, there has been plenty of market speculation after Ross was recruited by the Traitors, and he immediately threatened to avenge his mother Diane's "death".

With just three episodes remaining, the Traitors certainly have the upper hand in the game. But will Ross' urge for revenge end up derailing their hopes?

Reality TV Expert James Leyfield has put together odds & analysis on The Last Traitor Standing, Which Contestant Will Be Banished & Murdered Next as well as the Individual & Team Show Winner markets.




Despite possibly making a big mistake by recruiting Ross, Harry is the 4/6 favourite with odds makers to be the last Traitor standing.

The star has played an incredible game in the first nine episodes of the series, and he fully deserves to scoop the prize pot in Friday night's finale.

Ross is 2/1 to be the last Traitor standing, but it's possible the pair go head-to-head at some point and end up effectively taking each other out, which could pave the way for Andrew (5/1) to sail along and take all the cash.

While Ross is keen to oust Harry, it seems unlikely he would go for the jugular and vote for him in the next banishment.

It's 5/1 that he does, but 1/5 that he keeps his cards close to his chest for at least one more roundtable, especially as Ross already predicted it would be "so easy to get Jasmine out" at the next banishment.




With just three episodes remaining, the Traitors certainly have the upper hand in the game. It is just 1/3 that a Traitor wins the second series of the show, but 3/1 the Faithful manage to identify each member of their enemy.

If a Traitor does win then it looks likely to be Harry (Evens), after his near-perfect performance so far, or Ross (3/1).

Meanwhile, Faithful Mollie (2/1) and Evie (5/1) are also real dangers, because they don't look like being banished anytime soon.




Charlotte was banished last Friday after she and Jasmine went head-to-head to claim they weren't Traitors before everyone voted. But after Charlotte went and proved she is a Faithful, the rest of the group may well turn on Jasmine, who is 4/6 to be banished next.

Zack's name has also cropped up numerous times, and he is 2/1 second favourite to depart next due to a roundtable vote.

Jaz has been nicknamed "Jazatha Christie" on social media for his ability to pick out Traitors so far, but that could be his downfall.

He is just 2/1 to be murdered next by the Traitors, while Mollie is 5/1 second favourite.