A popular comedian and prankster does stand-up at Curve Venue in Slough ahead of the London Apollo

The World-famous prankster, Lee Nelson creator and the most viewed British stand-up comedian on TikTok Simon Brodkin Screwed Up (warm up show) is at Curve Venue on Saturday 3 February at 8pm. Tickets are £17.50.

Simon Brodkin warms up for his show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. In Screwed Up, Simon rips into celebrity culture, social media, the police, Putin and Prince Andrew.

Nothing is off limits in this hilarious show, including his own mental health, his family, his five arrests, and how he once found himself at an underground sex party.

Simon performs on the stand-up circuit and in comedy television. He is best known for playing a cheerful chav character called Lee Nelson, but also performs other comedy characters, including a Liverpudlian footballer called Jason Bent.