A jury this morning delivered a verdict in the case of a man who sparked a school lockdown after taking a knife onto the premises.

Matthew Lennox, a West Drayton resident, was arrested at St Joseph's Catholic High School in Slough on March 26 last year.

The 25-year-old entered the school's premises without permission, and reportedly told teachers he was carrying a gun.

Police apprehended him at the scene, and a knife was found on his person.

On Thursday, Judge Emma Real declared Lennox 'unfit to stand trial'. This decision was supported by both the defence and the prosecution.

As a result, jurors in the case were told they were not judging Lennox's guilt - only establishing the facts of the case.

It took less than 24 hours for the jury to find that the defendant did take the knife into the school.

The ruling comes after dramatic footage was shown in court yesterday, showing Lennox being restrained at the scene by four police officers.

In the footage, the defendant appears to taunt the responders, at one point asking them: "Why didn't you shoot me?"

The intrusion sparked a major lockdown of the school with staff and pupils held inside while police dealt with the incident. The intruder did make it into part of the school building, however at no point did the intruder come into direct contact with any students.

Judge Emma Real thanked the jury for their assistance.

Lennox will be sentenced over the incident on February 23.