A Slough man has brought home £96k after winning BBC One's The Traitors.

The nail-biting final aired last night, where Harry, 23, a British Army engineer from Slough, had just four people standing in his way of taking home the cash prize.

In the game of deception, Harry and Andrew were the remaining Traitors, tasked with deceiving the others to the end, while Faithfuls Mollie, Jaz and Evie attempted to guess their identities.

In the show, Harry said he felt "guilty" over deceiving his fellow players.

In an exclusive interview with the Observer today, Harry said: "If you are going into the game you have to build relationships and you have to build trust - even if it is one other person. If you have got a theory or a plan or you think it is someone, you need people to support that."

It is just that which saw Harry succeed in the end, with contestant Mollie choosing to trust her friend in voting for Jaz.

Reflecting on how he felt in the last few moments of the show, Harry said: "I can't even put it into words. It was such a mix of emotions - I was happy, sad and relieved all at the same time.

"I was relieved because either way I knew it was going to be over so I could stop the act now."

Harry added: "I don't feel I could have done anything else to get there and I was standing in front of £100k at 22 years old."

Moments into the final round table, fellow Traitor Andrew took a swing at Harry, leaving him feeling "blindsided".

"That was my only slip-up - I underestimated the chance of someone coming for me like Andrew who just put me on the spot.

"After that, I thought my hopes and dreams were gone and all that work I did throughout the game has just been for nothing."

Harry began filming for the show in September 2023 and added: "When I got home I had to carry on lying for four months about being on the show and let alone winning it. Last night was a massive relief - I don't need to lie so I can chill out."

However, on watching the show Harry said his family have joked that they won't be able to trust him again.

He added: "They have said whenever I do anything I put my 100 per cent into it and obviously they all joke now that they are never going to be able to trust me again, but they know me as a person and they know who they love and that I am not like a liar.

"As soon as it comes to a game like Monopoly I am doing my hardest to get a head start. They knew I would do what needed to be done to win the money."

When hearing about Harry's win when he rang them up at 5am from the set, Harry said his dad popped a bottle of champagne and woke up his mum.

"To see that and know he is proud of me, and my mum, is all I have ever wanted and more, because that is all I aim to do really."