The new operators of a relatively new convenience store in a neighbourhood in Slough have applied to sell alcohol for the first time.

The Granville Stores shop is a convenience store which only opened in the last few years in the Granville area of the town. 

It was previously run as a grocer and halal butcher by its first occupants, who have since shut up shop. 

Now, the store's new occupants want to sell alcohol from the store from 8am to 10pm each day.

A neighbour said the store will be run as a Romanian shop. 

Granville Stores is a relatively new business that has opened since the coronavirus pandemic.

The shop is a newbuild that replaced a long vacant single-storey building in Granville Avenue.

Work on the building was underway in 2019. The floor above the store is used as an office and storage space.

The occupants have submitted a licensing application to sell alcohol to Slough Borough Council.

You can comment on the application by emailing or sending a letter addressed to the Licensing Team to the council offices at Observatory House, 25 Windsor Road, Slough.

The deadline for responses is Wednesday, February 7.