Three men have been sentenced over their involvement with a gang that snatched £3.5K worth of cigarettes from Martin’s Newsagents in Slough amid a 'campaign' of burglaries.

Kevin Bodman, 42, appeared alongside Daniel Vellenoweth, 40, at Reading Crown Court this morning (January 30). Their co-defendant, 45-year-old Jason Seagrove, attended the hearing remotely from HMP Bullingdon.

The three were members of a gang that terrorised Slough through the spring and summer of 2020, stealing thousands of pounds worth of goods.

The men took part in what Judge Hassan Khan dubbed a "campaign" of burglary, stealing luxury goods - including cars, jewellery, electronics and cigarettes.

Vehicles taken by the gang had their numberplates changed, and were subsequently used in other burglaries.

The group were so prolific that they eventually came onto Thames Valley Police's radar - who launched 'Operation Clobber' to bring them to justice.

Between them, they have been sentenced for dozens of offences, all committed between January and July 2020.

Judge Khan shared details of their criminality in court.

On April 20, 2020, the gang struck at a house in Mansel Close, Slough.

They stole an Xbox One and two Ted Baker handbags, before making off with the owners' Vauxhall Mokka.

One of the home's occupants was nine months pregnant, and the judge said the loss of the car had a "devastating" impact on her life.

The men did not limit themselves to residential burglaries, hitting a number of shops and newsagents.

In one such raid - targeting a Martin’s Newsagents in Slough - the gang stole over £3,500 worth of cigarettes.

Sentencing, Judge Khan said the commercial burglaries were particularly destructive, causing thousands of pounds of damage to premises.

The judge singled out Seagrove, a resident of Granville Avenue in Slough, for his role in the gang.

He described Seagrove as a "professional burglar," with over 100 offences to his name.

Investigators with Operation Clobber linked him to 13 separate raids on homes and businesses.

Seagrove was jailed for 17 years - and he will have to serve two-thirds of this sentence before he becomes eligible for release.

He disrupted court proceedings at several points today, leading the judge to mute his live video feed. This prompted Seagrove to leave the room early, before even hearing of his full sentence.

Vellenoweth, of Thackeray Close in Isleworth, was also jailed for his role in the gang. He received a three-year sentence, and will serve half of this on licence.

Bodman was able to avoid prison, despite being linked to three burglaries. This is due to his efforts to reform himself, including by abstaining from alcohol and drugs - identified by Judge Khan as a factor in the gang's offending.

Instead, Bodman was handed a sentence of three years and nine months, suspended for two years. In addition, he will have to complete 200 hours of unpaid work, as well as 25 days of rehabilitation activities.

Judge Khan told Bodman: "The reason I treat you differently to the others is that it seems to me that the progress you have made is far greater than anybody else, and it seems to me that you really have turned your life around."