A popular fast food restaurant is set to make changes to its Slough restaurant.

Nando's on the High Street has submitted plans to Slough Borough Council to make alterations to the shopfront and signage.

The plans include the installation of aluminium framed windows and doors and a sliding hatch.

Nando's is also requesting permission to display a branded menu board, an internally illuminated sign and a projecting sign with its logo.

The proposals go on to mention how Nando's hopes to clad the shopfront with vertical tile and replace the skirting.

Nando's is located on the junction of High Street and The Grove and occupies the ground floor of the five-storey site which is part of a wider host commercial building.

The site has not seen any major changes for over a decade. 

There is currently an existing fascia sign above the entrance with a menu board flanking either side of the entrance. A projecting sign is at the far end of the restaurant's High Street elevation.