A prolific shoplifter has been jailed after stealing £140 of food items across two incidents in Slough.

Anthony Wareham, 43, of London Road in Slough pleaded guilty to the multiple counts at Reading Magistrates Court on Wednesday, January 31.

The incidents occurred on both January 23 and January 29 at a business on London Road.

Wareham was arrested and charged on January 30 and sentenced to two months imprisonment.

Police have described the Slough man as a ‘prolific shoplifter who has now rightly been imprisoned for his latest shoplifting'. 

Investigating officer PC Abdullah Rafie, of the neighborhood policing team for Slough, said: “Shoplifting has a significant impact and is far from being a victimless crime.

“We know that shoplifting is an issue in Slough and we are absolutely committed to tackling this and bringing offenders to justice.

“I hope this conviction will ensure others who feel it’s acceptable to take what is not theirs to reconsider their actions, as we will pursue you, charge you, and put you before the courts to face justice.”