A group of schools have banded together to collect donations for an important cause.

The Thames Valley Learning Partnership is made up of 11 schools across the Thames Valley, who work together to create opportunities for their students.

In the most recent events, schools collected donations for The Baby Bank, a charity based in Maidenhead.

The Baby Bank collects good-quality second-hand clothes, equipment and furniture for families in need.

The Learning Partnership has praised the "fantastic results" and the gathering of the goods.

"The chapel at St Joseph's High, Slough, was bursting with activity as the goods were being stored and packed up ready to be collected," a spokesperson said.

Special thanks have been given to Finlay Gibbons and Leah Walls from St. Joseph's High who led the project.

Pupils at Beechwood, Eton, Windsor Boys and Girls school have also been commended for their hard work.

The Baby Bank will collect the items from St. Joseph's Catholic High School, Slough on Thursday afternoon.