Across the country, more and more people are struggling to get a dentist appointment with people claiming to have pulled their own teeth out in some areas.

Slough MP Tan Dhesi has previously spoken out about the issue, raising concerns about Slough becoming a "dental dessert".

He said: "In 2022 a shocking 475 patients with tooth decay were forced to visit A&E across Berkshire, many of whom were my Slough constituents. Unfortunately, 135 of these patients had dental caries.

"As the MP for Slough, I have and will continue to press the Government on their negligence regarding our dental services. This simply cannot continue; we must see progress in this vital area."

Across Slough, Winsor and Maidenhead there are 36 dentists operating, with just 10 taking all patients.

Approximately half (17) are accepting under 18s and 10 are accepting adults. 

Six dentists are not currently accepting new patients and three are only accepting patients via referral.

Eight of the dentists across the three areas have not notified the NHS as to whether they are taking on new patients.

The government has now said it is preparing to offer dentists cash incentives to take on extra NHS patients.

The move falls under a plan to boost services in England, with dentists receiving a "bonus" to take on more NHS patients.

Up to 240 dentists will also be offered £20,000 to work for three years in under-served areas. 

Dentists in Slough, Winsor and Maidenhead taking on new patients:


  • Smile Dental Centre - accepting all patients
  • Windsor Road Dental Practice - accepting children
  • Wexham Road Dental Surgery - accepting children
  • Westwood Smile Care - accepting all patients
  • Abbey Dental Surgery - accepting all patients
  • Farnham Road Dental Surgery - accepting all patients
  • Moonlight Dental Surgery - accepting all patients
  • The Dental Surgery Burnham - accepting all patients
  • Carling Dental Practice - accepting all patients
  • Makhani Alkarim (Iver) - accepting children


  • Windsor Dental Practice - accepting all patients
  • Care Dental Windsor - accepting children
  • Bupa Dental Care - accepting children and those entitled to free dental care
  • Middleton, Edward Henry John -  accepting children and those entitled to free dental care
  • Bose, Utpalendu - accepting children


  • Crosbie, Alan James Rednal - accepting all patients
  • Damira Dental Studios - accepting all patients
  • Optima Dental Care - accepting all patients