With pancake day just one day away, pancake mixes have been flying off the shelves in local supermarkets.

For those wishing to take Shrove Tuesday to another level, we have rounded up four places where you can enjoy a freshly made pancake in Slough.

Heavenly Desserts - Slough High Street

Very much still the new kid on the block, Heavenly Desserts launched in September 2023, with a range of sweet treats and the all-important pancake featured on their menu.

Eight crepe options ranging from £8.20 to £9.05 feature fan favourites such as Nutella, strawberries and Biscoff.

Treatz Desserts - Slough High Street

Whether you wish to mark pancake day with an American pancake or a crepe, Treatz has you covered.

Starting at £6.49 Treatz does every topping imaginable and also offers a range of savoury crepes.

Creams Cafe - Windsor Road

With claims of being the "UK's favourite dessert parlour", Creams sells "light and fluffy" Crepes with a range of toppings.

Pancakes can also be personalised with a range of ingredients from types of chocolate to sauces and ice cream.

Deelish Street Food, Mirador Crescent

This independent cafe and takeaway offers pancakes and crepes amongst other sweet treats and savoury dishes.

Their menu features crepes with banana, Nutella, Oreo and more.