A family-run bakery has ceased trading after struggling with rising costs.

Priestley Bakers on the Yarmouth Road in Slough shut its doors for the last time on Sunday, February 4.

In a statement to their customers, they said: "It is deep regret that we inform you that a decision has been made at Priestley Bakers Ltd to cease trading.

"The decision was made due to increased rent, rates, electric, wage costs, the ever increasing ingredient costs and the need for the owners to put their full focus into the health and recovery of one of the co-0founders, the head baker and the brains behind the Priestley Bakers dream."

They have thanked their staff and valued customers, adding "we have loved your stories, enjoyed your highs and sympathised with your lows".

Priestley Bakers specialised in freshly baked goods including bread and sweet treats and had a presence in Windsor where they operated a market store on every third weekend of the month.