The best and worst places to live is a heavily debated topic, with many award organisers disagreeing on what area should be in the top spot.

Property finder company Garrington has done just that, offering a list differing from that of Muddy Stilettos and The Sunday Times.

Garrington's rankings have placed Twyford in the top spot, not just in Berkshire, but in the United Kingdom.

The small village in the Wokingham Borough boasts "pristine, pollution-free air and low crime rate", with the average property costing £767,521.

However, as the list goes on, Windsor, the usual contender for the top spot, places at number 15 in Berkshire and number 349 out of the 1429 places listed across the UK.

This is a far cry from the top five position the royal town is used to, with properties averaging £810,807.

It has been beaten by neighbouring town Maidenhead, which placed at number 12 in Berkshire.

Other likely contenders for the top spot, Caversham (2nd) and Wokingham (5th) remain firmly in the Berkshire top 10 in this take on the awards.

Slough, often considered one of the worst places to live in the UK, stands firm in the middle of the UK list at 846 out of 1429 - 21st for Berkshire.

While Winnersh is considered the worst place to live in the county according to the rankings.

Here is the full list and ranking out of 1429 places

  1. Twyford (1)
  2. Caversham (31)
  3. Sonning Common (52)
  4. Woodley (74)
  5. Wokingham (75)
  6. Hungerford (138)
  7. Spencers Wood and Three Mile Cross (152)
  8. Bracknell (176)
  9. Reading (190)
  10. Ascot (229)
  11. Crowthorne (230)
  12. Maidenhead (296)
  13. Burghfield Common (303)
  14. Cookham (304)
  15. Windsor (349)
  16. Sandhurst (452)
  17. Thatcham (462)
  18. Shinfield (583)
  19. Newbury (613)
  20. Old Windsor and Wraysbury (791)
  21. Slough (846)
  22. Winnersh (893)