Some residents have noticed colossal clouds of steam over Slough Trading Estate which has left many perplexed.

Luckily, members of the public need no longer be confused as Slough Borough Council has given an explanation for such bizarre goings on. 

They have said that residents who live near the SSE Thermal Multifuel construction site, in Slough Trading Estate, should be aware of some upcoming planned activities ahead of the site construction completion which is planned for early Autumn 2024.

Steam blowing will be used to purge the pipework which is planned for February 12 lasting for approximately 20 days.

There will be an initial steam blow each morning between 8-9 am following a 30-minute heat-up period.

The second steam blow will be between 5-6 pm.

Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to these timings, they may differ each day slightly.

The noise will last for around 30 minutes with the latter part of the 30 minutes being louder.

SSE does not anticipate the noise to be intrusive, but will be potentially audible to the surrounding area, especially in time of specific wind direction that could carry the noise.

There are no other impacts from the steam blow, and this will not create any dust or debris.