This year's Langley Hall Primary Academy and LHAA young musician competition was a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of the LHPA and LHAA pupils, who graced the stage with remarkable performances.

From the first note to the final "crescendo", it was evident that each participant had poured their heart and soul into their music.

We witnessed moments of pure magic as they showcased their skills, shining brightly with their own instruments.

Congratulations should be given to all the competitors for their outstanding performances. These included Sarvesh Sivakumar, Gursev Dosanjh, Theo Louvieris, Keyleigh Seers, and Carson Lee.

A spokesperson from  Langley Hall Primary Academy said "As we celebrate this great success, I am excited to announce that the winner of this stage of the competition will advance to the regional round, and from there, have the opportunity to compete in the prestigious BBC Young Musician of the Year competition."