A Slough takeaway has been handed a new two-out-of-five food hygiene rating.

Mr Cod, a takeaway at 273 High Street, Slough was given the score after assessment on January 15, the Food Standards Agency's website shows.

It means that of Slough's 118 takeaways with ratings, 46 (39%) have ratings of five and none have zero ratings.

Mr Cod serves a range of fried food, pizzas, kebabs, and chips with various toppings. 

A two-star rating from the Food Standards Agency means that improvements are necessary. A 2 is given to businesses that score between 35 and 40.

For example, if there are some causes for concern in their handling practices and facilities that warrant a prompt change.

Rated two and a half stars on TripAdvisor, Mr Cod has several reviews where customers have expressed concern regarding the quality of food.

One said "Food wasn’t great and felt disappointed with the manor was treated."