A man has been sentenced for a robbery in Windsor after stealing some coins from a local resident.

Kieran Devlin, aged 24, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to one count of robbery at Reading Crown Court on December 21 last year.

Returning to the same court for sentencing on Tuesday 20 February, Devlin was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

On August 15 2023, Devlin followed the victim, a man in his forties, into Windsor Royal Shopping Centre.

Devlin approached him from behind and threatened the victim with violence if he did not hand over money.

Devlin tried to search the victim then kicked and punched him before taking some coins.

Devlin was charged on 19 August 2023.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Yasmin Senussi, based at Maidenhead police station, said: “This is a very positive outcome and will have positive effects on the community who should be able to walk around their local shops without the fear of being robbed.

“The victim is very pleased with this outcome and feels safer going out and about in his hometown which he was not able to do whilst Kieran Devlin was on the streets.”