A totem pole gifted to Queen Elizabeth II in 1958 is set to be lowered this year as it reaches the "end of its natural lifespan".

The Windsor Totem Pole, located in the grounds of Virginia Waters, was gifted by the Government of British Columbia to mark the centenary of that Province.

The late Queen requested for the pole to be erected in Windsor Great Park by the Royal Engineers that year - where it has stood for over 60 years.

It offers a reminder of the "links and friendship" between Canada and the United Kingdom.

A sister pole, known as the Centennial Pole, was located in Vancouver but was lowered in 2018.

In an information plaque spotted by park visitors, the Windsor Totem Pole will now be "laid to rest" as it slowly deteriorates and decays.

"This decision has been reached after careful consideration and discussion with Chief Mungo Martin's family," Windsor Great Park wrote.

"It has been agreed that as the Pole was gifted to Her Majesty the Queen and has spent its life here in Windsor Great Park it is appropriate and right that the Pole is laid down at a location here in The Great Park, where it will remain an attraction for many years to come."

In preparations to its lowering, the pole has been blessed in preparation to its lowering ceremonies later in 2024.

"No decision has yet been reached as to what may replace the Totem Pole in this location."