The last remaining banking branch in Windsor has reaffirmed its commitment to the high street by putting on a show as it launches a new community fund.

On Tuesday, February 27, visitors of Nationwide's Windsor branch were surprised by pop icon Chesney Hawkes as he sang 'The One And Only' to mark the branch being the last bank in Windsor.

Banks in Winsor have been on the decrease since the pandemic and last year both HSBC and Barclays closed their town branches within days of one another.

In a bid to prove Nationwide won't be going anywhere, they have launched a new community fund that donates £200 for every new account opened at the Windsor branch.

The initiative, known at the Windsor Community Fund, will amass up to £10,000 and residents will then be given the option to decide how the fund it spent by voting on three options put forward locally.

Mr Hawkes helped launch the campaign with his live performance. He said: “I was born here in Windsor and grew up in the area, so when Nationwide got in touch, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the campaign.

"There’s obviously the tongue-in-cheek connection to The One and Only which we’ve had some fun with, but it’s great to be a part of something that will truly benefit the local community for years to come.”

Nationwide has pledged not to close any of its branches until at least 2026, despite other banking giants halving their offering since 2015.

Mandy Beech, Nationwide’s Director of Retail Services, said: "Our Community Fund is not just about banking, it's about investing and saying ‘thank you’ to the town and the people that have stuck with us over the years.

"We are also exploring how we can support our other last branch in town communities across the country, ensuring those who value face-to-face service aren’t abandoned while enabling them to give back locally too."

Across the country, Nationwide still has around 90 branches and remains Britain's biggest building society. 

Ms Beech added: "We know that, for many, a physical branch is about more than just accessing money – it’s about that feeling of community, belonging, and having a friendly team of faces who are there to support you.

"This is why we still believe branches are important and why we have promised to keep them open.”