A family man with an extraordinary talent is set to wow crowds in Windsor next week.

Having peered into the minds of celebrities, including Justin Timberlake, Matt Daniel-Baker has spent 30 years crafting his ability to tell you just what you're thinking.

Now he is bringing his show 'The Mind Reader' to The Old Courthouse in Windsor on Saturday, March 23.

The 50-year-old father of two grew up in London where he was introduced to magic by an unwitting homeless man on the tube who blew Matt's mind with his yellow hanky trick.

At just 23 Matt rushed to his local magic trick, where he explained what he had seen and bought the props.

"That man on the train changed my life. He sent me off in a different path in life," Matt said.

"I want to carry on that magic feeling that he gave to me."

He would go on to learn and perform countless magic tricks before segwaying into mind reading - which he says isn't too different from magic.

Matt described what he does as mentalism and quickly found reaction to his mind reading tricks were bigger and better than magic.

He went on to study elements of psychology and now uses his knowledge to guess anything from the name of a childhood friend to words and numbers.

Matt has been performing his show The Crazy Coqs at the West End for three years and has now decided to go on tour.

He has previously starred alongside Basil Brush in his show in Windsor.

Speaking ahead of his first solo Windsor show, he said: "It is quite a funny show - a lot of audience banter. There is always a mixture of gasps and laughs.

"I put people at ease then pull the rug from under their feet at the end with a great big prediction of the show.

"People describe it as jaw dropping and it's something people have never seen done before. It is a unique show.

"By the end it feels like everyone knows each other and everyone is involved. It's extraordinary to bring everyone together."