A POLICE cordon was spotted next to the entrance of Tesco in Slough following a knife attack.

A heavy police presence was seen on the Bath Road near Tesco Extra at around 6pm.

Thames Valley Police confirmed there were two unrelated knife incidents in the area and as such,  enacted a Section 60 order around the town centre.

The Section 60 order has ended now but was in force from 7pm until 6.20am this morning (March 17).

Slough Observer:

A Section 60 order can only be put in place in a defined area at a specific time when a senior officer believes there is a possibility of serious violence, or weapons being carried.

The order temporarily enhances powers for officers, meaning they can stop and search anyone in a designated area, shown on the map below.

The order will be reviewed tomorrow and may be extended for another 12 hours.

Inspector Alex Kairouz, based at Slough police station, said: “We have put this Section 60 order in place in a specific area of Slough to prevent potential violence.

“The order will give our officers extra powers to carry out stop and search activity, and has been enacted for the safety of the public.

“These are emergency powers and the threshold to implement them is very high, however we are using them to keep our communities safe.

“We are working with partners to protect these individuals and to catch the offenders, but this allows us to use all the powers at our disposal to respond to immediate concerns raised by the community.

“We know some people think telling you about the Section 60 inhibits our ability to catch those responsible, however it is just as important that we prevent incidents of serious violence occurring.

“We will deal with those offenders, but we also want to prevent them from committing crime in the first place.

“You will see more police officers in the area while the order is in place and we expect to carry out more stop and searches than usual.

“If you are stopped by an officer, please do not be worried as this does not mean that you are in trouble.

“If you are in the area and have any concerns, you can speak to any of our officers who will be on patrol throughout this evening and tomorrow.”