The newest addition to the ‘Mean Girls’ franchise has arrived, introducing a bold new take on the Broadway musical which debuted in 2017.

Starring Angourie Rice as sweet, innocent Cady Heron and Reneé Rapp as queen bee Regina George, the movie follows a similar course of events, consisting of new student Cady Heron being welcomed into the ‘plastics’, soon finding herself in a war against Regina George.

The Broadway musical instantly skyrocketed to fame due to its title, presenting a completely new take on the film to the world. The show featured twenty one unique tracks, some of which were included in the new movie.

It is safe to say the new movie is different to the musical, including only twelve musical numbers. The student Oliver Mitchell states that he is ‘disappointed in the lack of songs compared to the original’.

The movie still features some of the iconic songs from the musical, such as ‘World Burn’ and ‘Stupid With Love’, however, Oliver Mitchell says he is 'underwhelmed about the addition of a new song ‘What Ifs’ replacing arguably one of the best songs in the original musical, ‘It Roars’.'

Along with this, they removed two verses from the song ‘Meet the Plastics’, which is sung when we first meet Regina, Gretchen and Karen, leaving one fan, Lisa Pope, disheartened.

It is evident that a new approach was taken with this movie, with it being a lot more modern than the original, as it included numerous aspects of today, such as social media and mobile phones.

Furthermore, the costuming of the characters is much more relevant to today’s society.

While some were unbothered by this, many fans of the original were disillusioned by the lack of similarity to the originals. Laura Howe said, ‘It was upsetting how none of the plastics ever wore heels. In the original it felt like such a statement, and so I think removing them undermines the power the three girls hold’.

However, one could say that the overall acting throughout the entire movie made up for all its flaws. While it did feel rushed at times, the skill of everyone in the cast made the watch a very enjoyable experience.

Andrea Bush says that 'there are definitely things that could've been changed in order to really encapsulate what ‘Mean Girls’ is meant to be, however it is definitely worth watching at least once, especially if you are a fan of the franchise.'