The owner of a Pakistani restaurant in Slough has won his bid to open in the early hours of the morning in time for Ramadan.

Shabhaz Ali, who owns the Taste of Karachi restaurant in Park Street has won permission to serve food until 4am for the duration of the Muslim holy month.

He has explained what food diners can enjoy and gave some insights into how Muslims observe fasting during Ramadan.

Mr Ali said: “It got approved four days before Ramadan, so we were in time!”

It means that him and his staff can serve the two main meals worshippers eat during the month.

The first of these is Suhoor, which Muslims eat before sunrise and serves as a breakfast.

At Taste of Karachi, diners can enjoy and different types of curries.

After adherents have had Suhoor, morning prayer begins at around 5am.

From then on, Muslims are meant to fast until sundown, when they break their fast for the Istar meal, where barbecued meats, biryani and different curries are served.

This year, Ramadan began on Monday, March 11, and ends on Wednesday, April 10. The dates vary as the Islamic calendar follows the lunar (moon) cycle. Therefore it can begin either in the summer or winter according to the Gregorian Calendar, which has been used in Great Britain since 1752.

Mr Ali said: “This year it’s early. When Ramadan comes in winter the days are shorter, but it only gets shorter in winter, when it comes in summer it can be really long.”

The next summer Ramadan is not expected for another 20 years.

Mr Ali explained: “If it’s in summer, you can be fasting for 18-19 hours, at the moment, the sun rises at 5am and sets around 6pm, so that’s around 12 hours of fasting.”

His restaurant is named after Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan and its main port on the Arabian Sea.

Mr Ali typically attends prayer at the Masjid Al Jannah in Stoke Road, Slough.

Outside of Ramadan, Taste of Karachi typically closes at 2am. The application to open later during Ramadan was granted by Slough Borough Council’s licensing department.