One local farm shop is currently the talk of the town as a video of Royal visitors has emerged amid online conspiracies about Princess Catherine's well-being and whereabouts.

Footage obtained by The Sun shows the Royal, together with Prince William, visiting Windsor Farm Shop, just days after the Princess issued an apology about an edited Mother's Day photo.

The Princess had stepped back from duties in January after Kensington Palace released a statement confirming she was to undergo abdominal surgery.

Now the new footage of the Royal has seen dozens descend on the farm shop, with Tuesday, March 19, said to have been "manic".

The relatively modest farm shop boasts reasonable prices with an array of fresh fruit and vegetables and handmade goods such as pies and bread.

Slough Observer:

A butcher at the Royal Farm Shop shared that the pork, beef and lamb are all farmed on the Royal Estates, with the chicken coming from Norfolk.

Customers can expect to pay £4.13 for a small chicken, £4.60 for a pack of sausages, while a whole leg of lamb will set you back £40.

The Royal Estate is 1,000 acres of land and 2,000 acres of grassland mainly used to feed the livestock. 

They have 200 pedigree Jersey milking cows, a pedigree Sussex beef herd, 140 breeding sows, and 1500 Lohmann Brown hens. 

Slough Observer:

You can buy freshly sourced farm eggs at the shop for £2.65 for six and their Well Farm Milk costs £2.65 for a two-pint container.

Fruit and vegetables are also on sale at the farm shop, with spinach costing £1.99, green beans costing £2.59, lemons at 60p each and apples at £4.99 per Kg.

Those with a green finger can find plants, seeds and pots at the entrance to the shop.

Back inside there is a range of homemade pies starting at £3.10 for a cheese and onion pastie and vegetable samosas and onion bhajis for £1.25.

Slough Observer:

Meanwhile, for those with a sweet tooth, there was a lemon Madeira cake for £3.55 and five chocolate chip cookies for £3.99.

Also on site is a cafe and outside seating, including two huts which have decorations hanging from them.

The Shop opened to the public on November 11, 2001, to sell locally sourced goods and produce from the Royal Estates and The Great Park. 

It was created by converting Victorian potting sheds and constructing two new buildings which became the farm shop and the coffee shop.

The store had an upgrade to add a newly built extension and refurbished the interior in 2011.

As more people visit the shop in the hopes of walking in Princess Catherine's footsteps or even capturing a glimpse of the Royal, it is unlikely that we will see the Princess return to her public duties until after April 17 when her children go back to Lambrook School, near Ascot, following the Easter holidays.