After a Royal photo released on Mother's Day was found to have been "manipulated", online conspiracies about Princess Catherine's well-being have been circulating online.

The Princess was signed off from Royal duties in January as she underwent "planned abdominal surgery" - with Kensington Palace telling the public she would not resume public appearances until after Easter.

Images have since circulated of what is claimed to be Catherine and her mother in a car in Windsor, with Kensington Palace not confirming or denying the claims.

On Mothering Sunday a family photo of Princess Catherine surrounded by her three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis was shared - and after being scrutinised, was found to have been photoshopped.

Media publications pulled the image and the Princess apologised for making edits a day later.

Now new footage has been shared of Prince William and Catherine allegedly visiting Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday, March 16.

However, the footage isn't enough to end online speculation, with users of X [formerly Twitter] divided over whether the video is Catherine and if the video was recent.

Speaking to Windsor locals and visitors, the general consensus is that something isn't right.

Two ladies at Windsor Farm Shop on Wednesday said: "We're surprised they came on a Saturday. It gets really busy on weekends. But of course, it is them, social media is a load of rubbish."

Meanwhile, Sharon and Derek, who visit the farm shop weekly described the conspiracies as "entertaining".

They added: "It's happening because you don't see much of them these days.

"It is weird that they would visit on a Saturday. We would never dream of coming then. It's the busiest day of the week."

Touching on the Mother's Day photograph, they added: "It would be nice to see the original. Then it would all blow over."

Timothy and Bo Marrison were visiting Windsor from Southampton. They believe the image is of the Royal pair: "If it is William, it is Kate. I feel really bad for them. There is a time and a place."

The pair went as far as saying "We are ashamed to be British right now," regarding the handling of the situation.

Matt Branch, 46, who is visiting the UK after working abroad in Japan, said the situation is strange to him.

"If the Mother's Day photograph was intentionally edited, it would have been more professionally done. I'm sure it happens all the time," he said.

Meanwhile, mother and daughter Gloria Barclay, 75, and Lucinda Corse, 48, said: "I think we need to leave them alone.

"I am sure so many pictures have been doctored in the past. It was because she did it."

On the mention of the Windsor Farm Shop, Gloria said: "I am pleased that they shop locally."

Andrea Flight, 50, from Ascot, has lived in the area for 40 years and has noticed a difference in the handling between the King's office and the Wales's office.

"The King has chosen to be open. Kate does not want to share. I have seen the Royals out in the Great Park. The people in Windsor have taken to them to help them live their lives privately."

She added that the ordeal after the Mother's Day picture was "very strange". 

"It was a beautiful picture. We wish her all the best."

However, Andrea feels the footage at the farm shop may have been staged as it didn't feel "genuine" to her.

"I'm not sure the video was taken at the weekend," she added.