Graphic footage of the stabbing of Slough cyclist Kyron Lee has been played to jurors in court - as the prosecution rounded off the case against two men accused of murdering him.

Mr Lee, 21, was struck by a stolen Golf in Earls Lane, Slough, on October 2, 2022. Four men then got out of the car and hunted him down with machetes, stabbing him in the head, chest and abdomen.

Elias Almallah, 22, of Eltham Avenue, Slough, and Fras Seedahmed, 19, of Surrey Avenue, Slough, are standing trial at Reading Crown Court, accused of being part of the group which carried out the savage attack.

The prosecution alleges that Seedahmed drove the stolen Golf which was used to run down Mr Lee, while Almallah was one of the four men who got out and stabbed him.

Both deny any involvement in the attack.

Three members of the group which murdered Mr Lee have already been jailed.

Prosecuting barrister Michael Shaw said the attack was planned out well in advance. He alleged that the weapons and car used to kill Mr Lee were acquired months prior.

The court also heard how Almallah's fingerprints were found by police on the vehicle.

Mr Shaw noted that, in the week leading up to the attack, Elgamri had rented an apartment in central Slough.

The prosecutor said: "This wasn't a spur-of-the-moment attack. This wasn't instant revenge, for something that happened or some slight. This was a well-planned-out, well-thought-out attack."

Mr Shaw stated that both Seedahmed and Almallah phone's went 'silent' during and immediately after the stabbing.

He said this belies their denials of playing any role in the murder.

Within days of October 2, both defendants had fled abroad. Seedahmed went to the Netherlands, from where he was extradited shortly after. Almallah was at large for almost a year.

Earlier in the trial, jurors heard how Almallah traversed a number of countries - namely Spain, Turkey and Egypt - before being arrested upon his return to the UK in July 2023.

He urged the jury to apply their "common sense" in analysing the "devastating" evidence against Seedahmed and Almallah.

Graphic footage of the fatal crash and stabbing, taken by CCTV cameras positioned around the crime scene, was played in court today (March 21).

Mr Shaw said: "Those five men knew exactly what they were about that night. There was no room for error."

The trial continues.