A couple who fell pregnant a week after meeting proved doubters wrong and are happily married two years on.

Maggie Corbould, 23, had “given up on love” when she decided to give it one last shot and downloaded dating app Hinge.

She came across Danny Corbould, 23, and the pair ended up meeting on a whim in February 2022 and say it was “love at first sight”.

But the couple were “shocked” when they found out they were pregnant in March 2022 – realising they must have conceived the baby a week after meeting.

Maggie and Danny, who was in the military at the time, decided to keep the baby and moved in together straight away.

They tied the knot in a small ceremony in June 2022 so they could get a military home.

Their son Edward was born December 26, 2022, and the new parents couldn’t be more “besotted”.

Maggie, a co-ordinator in special effects, from Windsor, Berkshire, said: “I think it was love at first sight. It was like a higher power that brought us together.

“Finding out I was pregnant after only a week was a shock. I think people expect us to have broken up.

“When I look back I wouldn’t do it differently at all. That little boy is my whole world.”

Danny, who now works as a trainee in special effects, said: "I’m a very unsure person but as soon as I met her, I knew I loved her. 

"I wanted to be with her everyday and spend all my time with her. I just had a feeling that I’d never felt with previous girlfriends.

"I was scared at first because everything was happening so quickly but there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted this baby with her. 

"As soon as I saw that first scan all my worries went away. 

"I love our little love story. I wouldn’t have changed anything. I love our little family and can’t wait for the rest of our future as the Corbould family."

Maggie wasn’t sure she’d ever find the one after ending a six year relationship in 2021.

She said: “I kind of gave up on love. A year later I thought I’m just going to go on a dating app.

“I saw Danny’s profile and I didn’t have any likes left. I paid to do so and sent a message.

“We met on a whim and talked for hours in the car. We both really fell for each other.”

Maggie and Danny spent the next few days together as often as they could and even got matching tattoos on their ankles of crowns a week later.

But the pair were shocked when Maggie found out she was pregnant in March 2022.

Maggie said: “We were both so young.

“I took a pregnancy test and told Danny and he thought I was joking. It was a complete shock. I was on contraception.”

The couple decided to keep the baby as it felt “right”.

Maggie said: “It never felt wrong. It always felt right. I had to ring my dad as he was on location in Malta and tell him ‘I’m pregnant with a man you’ve never met and we’re getting married’.

“He said ‘we’ll love it but we won’t financially support it’.

“My dad is now besotted with him.”

Danny moved in immediately into Maggie’s dad's, Ian Corbould, 65, two bed flat but with a family on the way they knew they’d need somewhere bigger.

Maggie said: “In order to get a military house you had to be married.”

The pair made a joint decision and tied the knot in a small registry ceremony in June 2022 – four months after meeting.

Maggie said: “It was a ride. A rollercoaster. We were still learning so many things about each other.”

Maggie said the pregnancy itself was “easy” and she was induced at 37 weeks so Danny could meet Edward before he was deployed.

Maggie said: “We went on at Christmas Day and I got induced. I went into labour on Boxing Day and was in labour for about two hours.

“I only pushed three to four times. He wanted to come out into this world."

Edward was born on December 26, 2022, at 10.46am weighing 7lbs 1oz.

Maggie said: “I remember hearing some sort of weird noises.

“It was Danny just sobbing and holding him.

“It doesn’t feel real.

“I remember him being passed to me and thinking he was such a gorgeous little boy.”

Now 15 months, Edward is a happy little tot and the family are looking forward to spend more time together now Danny has stepped down from the army.

Maggie said: “He’s a little brute.

“He’s learning to walk. He’s coming into himself.

"Now is the start of our journey as a family."