A man has been jailed for fraud offences against two charities, as well as theft and other offences, in South Buckinghamshire and Slough.

John Lancelot White, aged 70, of Worcester Road, Uxbridge was sentenced to 22 months’ imprisonment, ordered to pay a statutory surcharge and forfeited 43 items at a hearing at Reading Crown Court on Monday March 18.

It was after White pleaded to guilty three counts of fraud by false representation, fraud by dishonestly failing to disclose information to make gain for oneself, two counts of theft and one count of fraud by abuse of position, at the same hearing.

In 2017, White defrauded a charity based in Slough, when he provided security services to a charitable organization. They paid him £11,000 for three months work.

White claimed his company had a Security Industry Authority, which is a licence required to provide security to other organisations.

However, his company did not have a licence. White was charged and convicted of Fraud by False representation with regards to this incident.

In 2018, White befriended a man in a pub in Uxbridge, saying that he owned a security company and could offer the victim, a man in his forties a job.

He took copies of the man’s passport and driving license. White then used the details to insure his own vehicle while he was disqualified from driving.

He also stole £600 from the man. He was charged and convicted of two counts of fraud by false representation and theft.

Again in 2018, White met another man in a pub in Slough, and said that he could assist the man in purchasing car insurance.

He then stole the man’s driving licence to insure his own vehicles. He also borrowed £80 from this man, who was in his seventies, and never returned it to him. White was charged and convicted of theft.  

In 2020, White was working as a treasurer at a charity based in South Buckinghamshire, where he was responsible for the finances including paying wages and paying bills.

He fraudulently regularly made transactions into his own bank account. He was charged and convicted of Fraud by abuse of position.

The fraud by dishonestly failing to disclose information for gain, relates to an incident in 2021 when White was stopped by officers in his vehicle.

Checks were made and it was found that he failed to notify his insurance company that his license had expired.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Patrycja Lesiakowska said “Unlike his namesake, John Lancelot White was far from a knight in shining armour.

“He targeted charities and individuals pertaining to be an honest individual, when actually all he was doing was looking to take advantage for his own personal gain.

“I would like to thank the victims who have supported our investigation and I am pleased that White has now been given a custodial sentence."