Parking officers in Slough have been awarded a pay rise after staging two walkouts, which led to significant financial losses to the council.

In February it became known that staff employed by Saba Park Services to enforce parking restrictions had had enough of their treatment and low pay.

During a protest outside the Parking Office, warden Ivan Dias, 32, said: "We are not getting enough income. The inflation has gone up too high and the wage they pay us is not enough to cover the costs. Electric bills, everything has gone up. There is no overtime pay and every time we ask for a raise we get ignored." 

Other members of the team experience abuse, both over the phone and in person.

After a second round of strike action from February 26 to March 10 a deal has been struck.

Unite, who has been helping lead the call for action, has confirmed the parking officers will see a 25.6 per cent pay rise.

The "monumental" pay increase will help 40 workers employed by Saba Park Services.

Unite found that some workers were on as little at £10.50 an hour, with the increase boosting this up to £13.20 an hour.

Further to a current rise, Unite achieved a continuous pay increase to match the RPI rate of inflation over the next two years. 

During the strike action, Unite saw its membership triple at Saba Park Services from 13 to 40 members.

They also established recognition during negotiations, as well as electing two workplace representatives and a health and safety officer.

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham, said: “This win highlights the power of industrial action, the collective and further negotiation.

“We are dedicated to improving and defending the jobs, pay and conditions of our members. That is apparent here as we worked tirelessly to secure an increase that will continue to rise over the coming years, having a positive and lasting impact on our hardworking members.” 

This victory for Unite comes after Slough’s Conservative council allegedly washed its hands of the dispute. It stated that it didn’t believe it had a role to play in the negotiations.

Unite regional officer, Richard White, said: “Over the last year we have seen our membership rocket at Saba Park Services, highlighting how important it is to come together to work towards a common goal.

“The increase, as well as monumental recognition and new representatives, will have massive improvements on the workplace for current and future employees of Saba Park Services.”