New census data has broken down the most used languages in Slough.

It is not a secret that Slough boasts a culturally and ethnically diverse population - with many readers claiming the best thing about Slough is its people.

Fundamentally, 110,212 people in Slough confirmed they spoke English in the March 2021 census - 70 per cent of the population.

While 6,842 did not select a response.

Of the 95 language options from around the world, a large proportion of South Asian and European languages were widely spoken in Slough.

Punjabi was the second most spoken language in Slough, with 9,527 speakers.

Polish was the third most spoken language with 7,724 speakers.

Meanwhile, Urdu took the fourth spot with 6,497 speakers.

Other popular languages, which complete the top 10 most spoken in Slough, include Romanian, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Arabic.

The least spoken languages included Hebrew, Slovenian and Welsh.

Only five people in Slough said they could do sign language.