A man has been jailed for a string of assaults on law enforcement officers committed inside and outside of prison.

Malamin Sarr, 30, of Talltrees, Colnbrook, appeared before Reading Crown Court today (March 27) to be sentenced on two counts of assaulting an emergency worker and one of unauthorised possession of an offensive weapon in prison.

The court heard that, in November 2022, Sarr was serving time at HMP Bullingdon when he was found by prison guards with a plank of wood.

The plank had exposed nails - and an effort to confiscate it provoked an altercation.

Sarr pleaded guilty over this incident, and was subsequently released from prison.

Over a year later, in October 2023, the defendant was stopped and searched in Aylesbury Crescent, Slough.

A small pair of nail scissors were found - and Sarr attempted to flee the officer.

Following a chase, he ended up assaulting them, before being detained.

Defence barrister Oliver Small sought to play down Sarr's possession of a weapon on this occasion.

He said: "Clearly, the court's seen repeat carriers of zombie knives, Rambo knives, those sorts of weapons - but this defendant has only ever been stopped in public with a pair of nail scissors, which were quite minute."

However, Judge Matthew Turner ruled that Sarr's extensive history of reoffending meant he would have to jail him.

He told the defendant: "You have a terrible record of noncompliance and reoffending. There is no prospect of rehabilitation here."

Sarr appeared uninterested in proceedings in court, and was seen playing with his nails as he was being sentenced. 

In the end, he was jailed for 10 months, of which he will serve half on licence.