The murder of Kyron Lee rocked Slough when hundreds woke to the news that a 21-year-old had been fatally stabbed on the street.

Five people have since gone down for his murder, with two awaiting their sentences at Reading Crown Court.

On Sunday, October 2, Lee was riding his bike when he was attacked by four men, which proved fatal as he passed away due to shock and haemorrage as a result of a stab wound to his right leg.

Thames Valley Police were called to the scene at 8:50am and an investigation was launched which found that Lee had been in a collision with a stolen black Volkswagen on Earls lane, before he was chased to Waterman Court where he was fatally attacked.

Initial reports described the incident as "tragic and shocking" and Lee's mother released a statement reading: “Kyron was loved by so many and he was the kindest most loving genuine person."

Over a hundred people gathered for a vigil a week after the tragic death of Lee, giving their emotional goodbyes to the "selfless", "straight and honest" man.

Slough Observer:

Thirteen people were initially arrested in connection with the murder.

Of those was Yaqhub Mussa, aged 21, of Daylesford Grove, Slough who pleaded guilty to murder on May 30, 2023, ahead of his hearing at Reading Court. 

In a trial at Reading Crown Court, Khalid Nur, aged 20, of Graylands Close, Slough was found guilty of murder by jury on July 26.

At the same court, Mohammed Elgamri, aged 18, of Carter Close, Windsor was found guilty of murder on July 27.

Slough Observer: Nur, Elgamri and Mussa

Several others were charged with offences related to the murder.

These included Yakoub Tarafi, aged 18, of Upton Road, Slough who was on trial for two counts of assisting an offender post murder. He was found not guilty.

Mohamed Abdulle, 21, of Kenbury Drive, Slough pleaded guilty to conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm with intent.

At Reading Crown Court, Ahmad Hassan, 24, of Blackwell Court, Slough, was found guilty of one count of assisting an offender, Elgamri, by unanimous verdict after he transported him in the days after the murder. 

Slough Observer:

Fuad Nur, 28, of Graylands Close, Slough was also sentenced on October 27 after being found guilty of one count of failing to provide his mobile phone PIN when required to do so by unanimous verdict.

Slough Observer: Fras Seedahmed (left) and Ilias Almallah (right)Fras Seedahmed (left) and Ilias Almallah (right) (Image: Thames Valley Police)

This month (March 2024), Fras Seedahmed, 18, of Surrey Avenue, Slough and Elias Almallah, 21, of Eltham Avenue, Slough, appeared in court on trial for murder.

It came after Almallah left the country days after Lee's murder and didn't return until July 2023.

Seedahmed drove the Volkswagen which ploughed into Lee, while Almallah was one of four men who got out of the car and attacked him.

Both Seedahmed and Almallah have been found guilty by jury verdict of the murder of Lee.