Following a month-long trial, two more men have been convicted over the horrific gangland stabbing of Kyron Lee.

It took a jury around three hours to return guilty verdicts against Elias Almallah, 22, of Eltham Avenue, Slough, and Fras Seedahmed, 19, of Surrey Avenue, Slough.

A total of five people have now been convicted of murder in connection with the killing of Mr Lee, 21, who was run down by a car while cycling on October 2, 2022.

Seedahmed drove the stolen Golf - while Almallah was one of a group of four men who then got out of the vehicle and hunted Mr Lee down with machetes.

The murder occurred in the early evening.

Jurors heard that the car struck the victim with significant force - but he was able to get up again and run from the assailants, who gave chase.

Prosecuting barrister Michael Shaw said: "Mr Lee was hit with such force, he ended up on the roof of the Golf, his bike ended up in the nearby car park, and his shoe was knocked off in the collision."

Graphic CCTV footage from nearby Waterman Close showed the masked gang viciously attacking Mr Lee, who was stabbed in the head, chest and abdomen.

The prosecution sought to portray the killing as an ambush planned months in advance, motivated by a gang rivalry.

Almallah and Seedahmed denied any involvement, but incriminating evidence was produced at trial. They and their co-conspirators procured weapons months in advance, and had made plans to flee abroad.

These were actually carried out, with Seedahmed flying to the Netherlands within days of the murder - where he was quickly apprehended.

Almallah was at large for almost a year, travelling to Spain, Egypt and Turkey before turning himself in at Heathrow Airport on July 2023.

During that time, three of Mr Lee's other killers - Khalid Nur, Mohammed Elgamri and Yaqhub Mussa - had already been found guilty.

In an impassioned closing speech on July 13, Mr Shaw told jurors: "This wasn't a spur-of-the-moment attack. This wasn't instant revenge, for something that happened or some slight.

"This was a well planned out, well thought out attack."

Although the killing was captured in full on CCTV, the perpetrators made efforts to hide their identities.

Based on the video evidence, one of the killers was assessed to be of a similar height and build to Almallah.

The driver's outfit resembled a set of clothes Seedahmed was seen wearing months prior to the attack.

Both men's phones went 'silent' around the time the murder took place, and only began making and receiving calls again shortly after.

Almallah's fingerprints were found in the car used to run down Mr Lee - belying his claims that he had no involvement whatsoever in the killing.

Almallah and Seedahmed will be sentenced over the murder at a later date.