A cycling ban has been renewed across two areas in Windsor and Maidenhead following a decision to promote safer cycling and responsible dog control.

This follows a public consultation which agreed that legal orders put in place for cyclists and dog owners three years ago would be extended.

This includes Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) in the busy pedestrianised areas of Peascod Street, Windsor and High Street, Maidenhead.

After considering consultation feedback, Cabinet has asked officers to carry out a follow-up consultation on a suggestion put forward by several local cycling groups, to amend this PSPO so it only operates from 10am to 5pm, aligning with restrictions placed on motor vehicles in these locations. 

Councillor Simon Werner, Leader of the Council and Councillor for Public Protection, said: “The renewal of these PSPOs will help our Community Wardens to promote responsible behaviour in the borough. We’d like to thank everyone who responded to this consultation and shared their feedback – there’s clearly wide support for continuing these PSPOs.

“While these measures do give wardens the ability to issue fines, their focus is allowing wardens to have meaningful conversations with the minority of people who break the rules to encourage voluntary compliance and changes in behaviour.

“We’d particularly like to thank cycling groups for their suggestion. We have listened and feel it has the potential to allow us to improve measures to still promote safer.”

The second PSPOs means anyone caught dog-fouling in a public place anywhere in the borough will continue to risk a £100 fixed penalty notice. The order also allows the Community Wardens or police to ask a dog owner to put their pet on a lead if it’s loose and causing harassment, alarm or distress in a public place.