A town often bashed as being one of the worst places to live has topped the rankings as "the best commuter town".

The Telegraph has ranked towns across the country on how commuter-friendly they are - and Slough has taken the top spot.

In the ranking, The Telegraph said: "Slough used to be a subject of mockery, but it has recently overcome that reputation for three clear reasons: fast access to London, high employment and excellent schools.

"The town, which is home of the Mars Bar, gave birth to the zebra crossing as well as the wheelie bin, is just 33 mins from central London.

"It’s also become the location of the world’s second-largest data centre hub."

Slough has also been commended for its close proximity to Heathrow and 13 outstanding and good Ofsted rated schools.

The average resident travelling out of Slough to work spends just £28 a day on tickets - with lower train overcrowding than in other towns.

While a season ticket costs £4,132 - deemed one of the lowest across the region to get into London.

However, the ranking did mark Slough low for its proximity to restaurants and pubs.

Meanwhile, Maidenhead has been ranked at number 26 in the commuter town rankings, Reading at 32 and Burnham at 34.

Neighbouring town High Wycombe was ranked at number 20.

It comes just a year after Slough was ranked the fourth worst place to live in the ILiveHere poll - with this ranking contradicting the title.

The controversial poll harshly criticised the town and one of the few positive comments included "just a short joy-ride to Maidenhead, Windsor and other upmarket areas".

Slough has slowly been rising up the worst places to live list and in 2022 the iLiveHere poll announced Slough was ranked the ninth worst place to live in England, up from 24 in 2021.

The ILiveHere poll uses votes from the members of the public. It is unknown who runs the poll.

However, despite the poor ranking, we are sure our readers would disagree and argue Slough benefits from many positive attributes.

Slough also has a lot of countryside around it, boasting beautiful walks and scenery within a five-mile radius.

One residents said: "We are fortunate for some lovely country parks." Others agree with this and shared their experiences of the "outstanding" schools, which many are grateful for.

Slough also boasts good travel links plus a huge amount of career opportunities with Slough Trading Estate on the doorstep, known to be Europe’s largest trading estate home to dozens of businesses.