A colourful New Year celebration brought the High Street to life at the weekend.

The Indian Cultural Roadshow was organised by Slough Mitra Mandal to celebrate the new year as per the Hindu lunar calendar.

The festival is known by many different names, including Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Yugadi and Samvatsar Padvo.

Members of the community marked the celebration together on Saturday, April 6, several days before the official festival on Tuesday, April 9.

Participants gathered outside the HSBC bank in Slough High Street, where rhythmic Indian drums were played by the Dhol Beats London troop, comprised of 15 players.

More than 150 people dressed in traditional Indian costumes and enjoyed the procession.

As they moved down the High Street, procession dances were performed by many holding a Gudi and orange flags in hand.

A Gudi is a bamboo or wooden pole covered with colourful cloth, garlands, and neem leaves, with a decorative pot or 'Kalash' on top. 

The Gudi represents prosperity, success, and the triumph of good over evil and is generally hoisted outside homes on Gudi Padwa.

The procession lasted 90 minutes and moved towards the Observatory Shopping Centre.

It was then followed by an hour of performances from children opposite Primark.

About 25 children performed live songs and dances on religious and Bollywood tunes.

The event was a huge success with an estimated 250 to 300 people in attendance.