An Eton pub has been served a visit from Man v Foods Adam Richman.

The George Eton was visited by Adam Richman last September after the pub was selected for its specialist Eton Mess. 

TV crews rolled in to film the episode and now over six months later, the pub was ecstatic to see the episode air on the Food Network channel and Discovery Plus on Monday, April 8.

In the episode, Adam calls Eton "a small but globally known town, known for a world-famous culinary mess".

The British dessert of Eton Mess is thought to have originated at Eton College when it was served at the annual cricket match against the pupils of Harrow School. However, it was dropped on the floor and the mess was scooped up and served in individual bowls.

After testing out the dessert in multiple local pubs and restaurants, Adam's team selected The George for the show as it had "the best".

Kevin Fernandes, marketing manager for the Windsor and Eton Brewery Group, said: "He had a big team of around 10 people who went to different restaurants to try Eton Mess and they selected our restaurant [for the show] as we serve the best. It brings us so much pride."

In the episode, Paul Abbott, General Manager at the George Inn Eton, cooked for Adam.

Adam called Paul "one of the nicest humans I've ever met".

Speaking about the dessert, Adam said: "Eton mess is simplicity at its best".

He said Paul's dessert was a: "Perfect portrayal of the time honouring pudding, made from local cream, beautiful mixed berries and a gooey, chewy meringue."

Adam was shown how to make the dessert and "the best meringues" he had ever tasted.

He then sat back to enjoy the dessert.

Chef and manager of The George, Paul, has loads of experience in the industry and has "completely transformed the pub" since taking it over in March 2023.

The pub is not a stranger to famous faces, with Kevin adding: "We have had many famous faces in the pub."

Earlier this year Harry Clarke, winner of BBC One's The Traitors, spent some of his winnings at a party at The George on Saturday, January 27.

The George in Eton is also known for its unique local beers from Windsor and Eton Brewery.