A TIKTOK video shared by Thames Valley Police Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber has been slammed as 'inappropriate' by an opposition candidate.

The video shared by Matthew Barber, which has since been deleted, includes a story about a sexual offence victim with the song Pretty by MEYY playing in the background.

Ben Holden-Crowther, a PCC candidate for More Police Officers for Thames Valley, called out Matthew Barber on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, April 11.

He said: "I think in trivialising a story which involved sexual offences against children, Matthew really let down the victims of this crime in particular, and of course victims of crime more broadly across the Thames Valley.

"Matthew is supposed to be the key person standing up for victims, that's an absolutely central part of his role. So it's very very disappointing, and I think he has shown himself to be behaving in a manner which falls far below the standards we should expect from our elected representatives."

PCC Matthew Barber didn't realise TikTok adds music automatically to videos.

He said: "I posted a picture from an article on an important issue. TikTok adds music automatically, I don’t think I even had the sound on when posting. I’d suggest all candidates focus on policing and issues that matter to the public."

Ben said: "Any reasonable person would think twice before putting a song which has lyrics along the lines of “baby you are so pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty” alongside a story about child sex offences. It’s a really really serious error in judgement."

The elections to choose the next police and crime commissioner for Thames Valley will take place on May 2.

The PCC's role is to hold the local police force to account.

Their duties include appointing the chief constable, setting the budget and deciding how much council tax precept to charge local people.

You can read all of the candidates here