Residents of a quiet road in Slough were shocked to find a 25-metre mast erected metres from their homes without any notice.

Simon Cooksey, 56, lives in Ivy Crescent in Slough and was one of many residents who feel blindsided by the development.

He said: "A mast has been erected in a single afternoon on the loading bay grounds of Dunelm which is proving to be a massive eyesore and local residents are furious that no consultation or planning notices were considered."

Slough Observer:

Just 10 metres from homes, the mast was put up by a crane on Thursday, April 18, and is believed to be for telecommunications, but residents are worried about the effects of radiation on their health.

A large generator has also been set up adjacent to the mast.

When The Observer went down to the scene, a strong diesel smell and smoke were coming from the generator and a buzzing from the system.

Slough Observer:

A resident also alleged that a 'danger' sign had been removed from the base of the structure, while a hazard sign remains on the door reading 'warning radio frequency hazards'.

"It is beyond belief," Mr Cooksey added.

One resident approached the workmen but found them to be "dismissive and aggressive" to residents' questions as they went about erecting the mast.

Those in Ivy Crescent have since banded together, holding meetings and launching a petition which has received 101 signatures. The petition can be found at

Having looked into the health risks of TETRA masts, the residents are demanding answers.

"This is a step too far. It is dangerous. We have families and children. It is quite frightening" one man said.

Another added: "The trading estate is massive and they decided to put it up in a residential area."

Slough Observer:

Salvatore Caltagirone, owner of the petition, wrote about the "distress" this is causing to the community.

He added: "The World Health Organization has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use.

"While more research is needed to definitively assess the health risks associated with living near such masts, it is clear that this development has been carried out without due regard for local residents' rights or concerns.

"We demand that Slough Borough Council investigate this matter urgently and take appropriate action to remove this unapproved structure if it is found to be in violation of planning regulations.

"We also call for greater transparency and public consultation on future developments that may impact our health and environment."

Slough Borough Council said they were made aware of the mast over the weekend and are currently investigating the mast to see if there has been any breach of planning.

Residents believed the land to be owned by SEGRO, who have said the mast has nothing to do with them.

Airwave Solutions and Dunelm have also been approached for comment.