A village in Berkshire has been named alongside Italy for its Michelin Star Clusters.

Bray is home to 22 per cent of the UK's three-star Michelin restaurants - Waterside Inn, Fat Duck and Hinds Head.

The Fat Duck, serving Heston Blumenthal classics, has three Michelin stars.

Waterside Inn also boasts three Michelin stars - where you can dine while looking out onto the River Thames.

Meanwhile, Hinds Head has kept hold of a one Michelin Star.

Digital Signage experts Mandoe Media went looking for Michelin star clusters and highlighted the village, on the outskirts of Maidenhead and Windsor, as a "fascinating cluster of rural fine dining restaurants".

It was found that more and more rural locations are seeing a rise in fine dining clusters.

A similar amount of Michelin star restaurants can be found in Paestum in Italy, where the total number of Michelin Stars in six.