The council have stated they are still investigating a 20-metre (65ft) telecommunications mast which was erected mere metres from people's properties.

On Thursday, April 18, residents watched in horror as a lorry lifted the large mast into position and left with little explanation.

The people of Ivy Crescent, whose homes are closest to where the mast has been placed on the loading bay of Dunelm, sprung into action and have since rallied the community to sign a petition.

Simon Cooksey, 56, lives in Ivy Crescent and felt blindsided by the development.

He said: "A mast has been erected in a single afternoon on the loading bay grounds of Dunelm which is proving to be a massive eyesore and local residents are furious that no consultation or planning notices were considered."

It is believed the mast is to facilitate emergency service communications, but residents have queried the choice of location.

"The trading estate is massive and they decided to put it up in a residential area," one homeowner said.

A large generator, which has been seen puffing out smoke, has been placed by the mast, which has been making a loud buzzing noise and smelling like diesel.

Concern has also been raised about the health effects of living close to a mast.

"We have families and children. It is quite frightening" one man said.

Slough Borough Council were made aware of the mast by residents on the weekend of April 20 and 21.

They have since begun to investigate where there has been any breach in planning.

The mast was erected by Airwave Solutions, who say they have complied with all relevant planning regulations.

A spokesperson for Airwave said: "Airwave infrastructure provides vital radio communications for the emergency services.

"In building and managing the necessary infrastructure, Airwave complies with all relevant planning rules."

A petition launched by residents has garnered 331 signatures, with people branding the mast an "eyesore".

A second petition is also set to be launched on Slough Borough Council's site.

In the last few days, residents have reported the generator has been turned off overnight.

Councillor Frank O'Kelley, Liberal Democrats, is currently pushing for a retrospective planning application with a consultation stage.

He said: "The problem we have with this is that we have no information about what it is.

"I am trying to get this through a proper process so people can voice their concerns."