SLOUGH MP Tan Dhesi said bribery allegations at Slough Borough Council is "extremely concerning". 

Police are investigating allegations of bribery relating to applications for planning permission. 

At least three property developers have submitted a formal complaint, according to the Evening Standard newspaper.

The London newspaper says police have been called to investigate allegations of bribery in applications for property developments.

A Slough Borough Council spokesperson said it could not investigate as no individual had been named in the complaint. But said they felt it was best to forward the allegations to the police.

Slough Borough Council effectively declared bankruptcy in December 2021 and was put under the control of government-appointed commissioners. Control of the council switched from Labour to the Conservatives in local elections last year.

Tan Dhesi welcomes the police investigation "to restore public trust in elected representatives."

He said: "As recently reported in the Standard, by the Slough Observer and other media outlets, serious bribery allegations against Slough Borough Councillors heading up the planning process, are extremely concerning. 

"After months of complaints and rumours circulating around the town, to restore the public trust and confidence in elected representatives.

"Does the leader of the house not agree that it's critical that the police delve into the matter and does a thorough investigation? 

"Not questioning under oath those credible businesses who have been brave enough to put their concerns in writing, as well as those accused of bribery, would be a huge disservice to democracy and would the Leader also ensure that the Home Secretary takes an active interest in this critical matter?" 

Penny Mordaunt replied: "I am responsible for many things but operational police matters is not one of them but I will certainly make sure that the home secretary has heard what he has said."